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Custom Vacuum Forming

CNC Trimming

CNC Trimming, Fabrication and Assembly

CNC Trimming

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Consort operates a 5 axis 2,000 x 1,000 x 1,000 CNC Geiss routing machine capable of trimming 3 dimensional parts accurately and consistently. Parts are held in place by a vacuum tool that is cast from resin using the original vacuum formed part. The machine is then programmed and initial cut parts are crosschecked with CAD drawings before final settings are approved.

Line Bending

The CNC machine also allows us to cut any shape from flat sheet. This shape can then be line bent into a variety of further shapes and designs. This process is commonly used within the ‘point of sale’ market for items such as shop displays, signs, light boxes and so on.

Another market using line bent plastic are companies in the environmental sector who are continually trying to replace heavy, sharp and environmentally unfriendly sheet metal products.

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Consort also have a 2,500 square foot trimming room comprising of horizontal band saws, vertical and spinning saws, roller presses and routing equipment.

Fabrication & Assembly

A separate 2,500 square foot area is used for the assembly, heat welding, chemical welding, bonding and polishing of parts where we add value to the vacuum formed parts and offer our customers a full assembly service.

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