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Custom Vacuum Forming

CAD Prototyping

CAD Prototyping and Vacuum Forming Product Development

From the first stages of designing and developing a product, Consort can offer full 2D or 3D visual representations using our fully integrated CAD/CAM software.

In most cases this technology provides customers with a fast design to prototype stage in the shortest possible lead-time. It also allows customers to make accurate and informed changes during the design stage and eliminates the possibility of minor scale discrepancies which are often a problem with hand drawn designs.

Customers can have a far more hands on and visual input at every stage of the design as proofs can easily be checked via e-mail and alterations carried out quickly and easily.

Over the years Consort has been involved in developing major projects with several blue chip companies. Four of the five most recent projects have all been with American companies operating within Europe. This shows the confidence these companies have in our ability to add value and knowledge to the design of major products.

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